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Disc Injury Treatment with Chiropractic

back pain disc injury

Your spine’s vertebrae are very delicate. Years of poor posture and trauma at work can all take their toll and leave you vulnerable to painful disc injury.

Many people are under the false impression that disc pain is a normal part of aging. While it’s true that your vertebrae become less flexible as you grow older, pain isn’t normal at any age.

Back pain due to injury won’t go away on its own. You need comprehensive chiropractic treatment to nail down the source of your pain and help your spine heal.

Dr. Michael Irhin has over 26 years of experience treating patients for all types of pain due to conditions ranging from simple to complex.

What’s Causing Your Disc Pain?

Slipped disc, protruding disc, bulging disc, herniated disc – they’re all different names for the same condition.

Your spine’s discs absorb shock to protect your bony vertebrae and promote movement. Discs are made of different soft jelly-like tissues such as cartilage and collagen protein. Sadly, as you get older, collagen and other soft tissues break down faster than your body can replace them.

That’s exactly why your joints and spine feel stiffer the older you get. Plus, this degradation of soft tissue also means they’re more vulnerable to injury from basic tasks.

In some cases of disc pain, genetics play a role. However, most cases of disc pain are the result of either long-term or sudden trauma – usually the former.

  • Accumulated subluxations: Years of poor posture while sitting or standing, bad lifting technique, repetitive tasks, and weak back muscles all cause micro-injuries until your disc suddenly can’t handle it anymore.
  • Sudden injury: Sudden impact from car accidents, sports, and workplace accidents overload the vertebrae and cause disc injury.

Dr. Irhin of Commons Chiropractic Center in Denville will ask questions about your symptoms, daily activity, and medical history. He’ll also order x-rays to gain a comprehensive understanding of where exactly your disc pain is coming from so you can work together to create a personalized treatment plan.

How Can Chiropractic Help Your Disc Injury?

Dr. Irhin will always use the gentlest treatment method to treat your disc injury. He’ll never recommend invasive surgery or prescribe dangerous drugs to mask your symptoms.

Depending on your specific injury, treatments may include gentle spinal manipulation and chiropractic adjustments to restore mobility and create an environment to help your damaged discs heal.

Physiotherapy is also important. Dr. Irhin may also recommend at-home exercises and therapy to improve balance and back muscle strength.

The goal is to reduce your short-term pain and encourage long-term pain-free recovery.

Have questions or concerns? Don’t hesitate to ask! Dr. Irhin encourages patients to take an active role in their recovery and provide input throughout the treatment process.

Don’t accept pain as the new normal. Schedule an appointment at Commons Chiropractic Center in Denville today or call 973-366-3335.