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ALL HEALTH INSURANCE PLANS ACCEPTED. If uninsured - we have very fair and economical fees.

Patient Testimonials

My family and I are much healthier and happier since going to Dr. Irhin. The adjustments last a long time. Here are a few reasons why I think it works out so well. Before even being adjusted, Dr. Irhin applies heat packs and electric muscle stimulation to our backs. With that, we rest on the chiropractic table for several minutes. It is very relaxing. When that is finished, he puts the body through these stretching motions. Now that the body is properly prepped, he adjusts it. Dr. Irhin is very skilled and with his friendly manner, it is obvious that he cares about his patients. We have recommended him to many of our friends.

-Dawn Marsh

Excellent chiropractor and a skilled adjustor. Very happy with him - he has helped me a lot over the years. Been going to him for over 15 years from back blow outs to a car accident. He's always worked with my insurance which I appreciate. And when I lost my coverage he only charged me $30 a visit for everything - adjustments, decompression and therapies. He's very fair and he does care.

-Vince Gee

I have a great experience every time time I go in, I have a bulging disc from manual labor and since I've been going it has gone away. Very relaxing, holistic way to put an end to my back pain. Would recommend it to everyone suffering from back pain. Five stars all across the board.

-Rafal Klisiewicz

I am excited to find such a friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient chiropractor. Dr. Irhan takes the time to evaluate his patients current condition and works with them each step of the way to facilitate improvements. He also provides extra resources that help with patients overall health and has exercise suggestions that support the healing process. I am thoroughly impressed!

-Kris Ann

Regularly see Michael Irhin since 2009 he provides excellent treatment for someone who is into fitness training and heavily into golf, my body is always in peak condition and pain free to perform at the thing I love most. I've gone to 2 other chiropractors - he is the best. Easy to schedule appointments, as well.


I have been a patient of Dr. Michael Irhin for more than 5 years. Treating me with my fibromyalgia condition. He is an excellent doctor. with flexibles hour. Very patiet.

-Carmen Aviles

I have been going to Michael Irhin for many years. He has helped me with both specific injuries and for maintenance of my chiropractic health. I like his availability for appointments for new and existing patients. Heating pad and muscle stimulation treatment prior to adjustments helps to aid therapy for me. I highly recommend him to friends and family for good personal health. He is knowledgeable, professional, honest, trustworthy and personable. Go to Michael Irhin for your chiropractic needs and you will feel better.

-David Saunders

Dr. Irhin is a very competent medical practitioner. He has excellent interpersonal communication skills and a good bedside manner to go along with his chiropractic skills.Every time I visit him my expectations are always exceeded. I have been going to him for adjustments for 17 years.

-Kenneth Overby