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Natural Chiropractic Therapies for Headache and Migraine Treatment

Written By Commons Chiropractic Center on July 27, 2020

rsz headache4As the 6th leading cause of disability, migraines impact a billion people worldwide. Migraines and headaches are so common that someone in the United States visits the emergency room for head pain every 10 seconds. Migraine sufferers may experience an attack up to 15 times a month, depending on the severity of their condition. 

Chiropractic migraine and headache treatments alleviate painful and often debilitating symptoms without relying on the use of medication. Treatment plans may involve the use of techniques such as chiropractic adjustments or include dietary and lifestyle change recommendations.  

What Are Migraines?

We can describe migraines as powerful headaches that cause pain and trigger other symptoms such as:  

  • Light, smell, and noise sensitivity 
  • Upset stomach, abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting 
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Fatigue 
  • Dizziness or blurred vision 
  • Feeling very cold or warm 
  • Diarrhea  

Migraine pain is often described as a dull ache that grows into sharp, throbbing pain. Symptoms may worsen with physical activity, and pain can shift from one side of the head or the other or may affect both sides. 

Depending on the severity of a condition, migraines may last anywhere between four hours and three days. Migraine sufferers commonly describe additional symptoms, referred to as an “aura,” that warns of an impending attack. These symptoms may include blind spots, blurred vision, flashing lights or dots, and temporary vision loss. 

Common Migraine Triggers 

Migraines are different for everyone. However, common triggers include: 

  • Certain foods or drinks 
  • Stress
  • Caffeine 
  • Lack of sleep or changes to your sleep 
  • Skipping meals 
  • Changes in the weather 

By understanding your triggers, you work towards reducing the frequency and intensity of your attacks.

Finding Headache or Migraine Treatment in Denville 

While the exact cause of migraine headaches is unknown, treatment helps manage symptoms and reduce the frequency and intensity of attacks. Chiropractic migraine and headache treatment alleviate pain and common migraine symptoms through the use of chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue therapies, and dietary and lifestyle recommendations. 

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Michael Irhin has become a cornerstone of the Denville community for his patient-focused approach and experience. Dr. Irhin will discuss migraine or headache treatment options, your medical history, and symptoms during your first visit. In many cases, same-day treatment is available, including spinal adjustments, soft tissue therapies, and physical therapy. 

Do you need headache or migraine treatment in Denville? Don’t wait. Contact our office today at (973) 366-3335 or schedule an appointment online to get started.

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