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Category: Sciatica Treatment

What Causes Sciatica, and How to Tell If You Need Sciatica Treatment

Written By Commons Chiropractic Center on February 8, 2021

The sciatica nerve is the largest nerve bundle in the human body – and you have two of them! The nerves in this bundle extend throughout the lower body, from the lower lumbar spine, through the buttock muscle, to the toes. It’s... Read More

What Causes Sciatica and What Is an Effective Sciatica Treatment?

Written By Commons Chiropractic Center on April 24, 2020

Sciatica pain is so debilitating that some people can barely walk when they have an episode.  To prevent this from happening, it’s important to know what could be contributing to your pain and to find a sciatica treatment that works.  The following... Read More

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