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Category: Neck Pain

How to Protect Your Posture So Your Desk Job Doesn’t Become a Literal Pain in the Neck

Written By Commons Chiropractic Center on June 8, 2021

The human body is designed to be on its feet, ready to run from a sabertooth at a moment’s notice; not at a desk job, ready to run to a coffee machine. These long work weeks in front of a... Read More

Pain Caused by Holiday Stress: How a Denville Chiropractor Can Help

Written By Commons Chiropractic Center on January 7, 2021

Millions of Americans suffer from regular headaches.  Stress often is a headache trigger, as it can cause muscle tension and inflammation. During this time of year, holiday stress can exacerbate your neck pain, leading to more frequent headaches.  Thankfully, there is a... Read More

Why Choose Chiropractic Natural Injury Treatment After a Car Accident?

Written By Commons Chiropractic Center on February 14, 2020

New Jersey residents are no strangers to car accidents. Every year, between 60 and 77 thousand people suffer an injury on New Jersey roads. About 3 thousand drivers find themselves with an auto injury each year in Morris County alone.  If you’re... Read More

Your 5-Point Proper Sitting Posture Checklist to Avoid Neck Pain

Written By Commons Chiropractic Center on January 16, 2020

If you’re like most Denville residents, you probably spend about two hours each day sitting during your commute to work and then sitting for eight hours behind a desk downtown.  Sitting for extended periods of time – especially without proper sitting... Read More

4 Benefits of Chiropractic Neck Pain Treatment for Text Neck

Written By Commons Chiropractic Center on December 16, 2019

Despite the name, “text neck” is far from a new phenomenon – but chiropractic neck pain treatment in Denville can help! We’ve always tilted our heads to look downwards at books, paperwork, and workstations. The new problem is that people spend... Read More

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